Green Soul

Green is the new black.

Everyone says that zero waste beauty is the future.
For us it is the present.
Our mission? To make the best cosmetic brushes and applicators only
with recycled and completely recyclable raw materials.

What are the most precious elements?








No waste. No compromises. #thereisnoplanetB

Our daily impact on the planet can make a difference.

It is with the small gestures and the choices we make every day that we can contribute to the green turning point for our future, and for that of the next generations, because the Planet is not ours, we have it on loan from its inhabitants of tomorrow.

What can we do to make our beauty experience 100% sustainable? We can choose recycled and recyclable materials.

For this reason, Amilà Clean Beauty applicators and products are 100% green. Made only with 2nd life materials, totally recyclable.

Because giving raw materials a second chance is a must.


100% recycled and dermatologically tested
Made of dermatologically tested and recycled material.
I was textile yarn, now I'm a high-performance fiber for your makeup!


100% recycled and 100% recyclable
Made from recycled aluminum,
I was a can, now I'm a ferrule!


100% recycled and 100% recyclable
Made of recycled plastic material, coming from the food industry.
I was a PET bottle, now I'm a handle!

Why not using virgin fossil raw materials?

Because every gesture of your daily beauty routine can leave a green trace.
When we use recycled and non-virgin plastic or aluminum, we create a virtuous circular path, in which we help to drastically reduce the amount of plastic and metal in the environment, and help us take another step towards a more sustainable future.

Numbers that matter

Choose Amilà and measure your green footprint

By choosing Amilà brushes, you save the environment


grams of plastic*


grams of aluminum*

* average value calculated on all brushes in the range


To protect Amilà products, we wanted a special zip-up bag, designed to be reused, after cutting the part with the hole for display, as a practical makeup pouch, as a case to hold pens and pencils to be stored in the bag, as a jewelery box ...


Why did we prefer aluminum?
Because it is a very light and versatile metal, ideal for creating resistant packaging, which guarantees considerable safety and protection to the products contained and can be recycled endless times! Its reuse allows you to save up to 95% of energy compared to that used for its primary production, with a consequent lowering of emissions of gases responsible for the greenhouse effect. Recycled aluminum can be destined for countless uses, such as the ferrules of our brushes.
immagine pack primario


We choose to minimize consumption and to use recyclable, biodegradable and compostable material.
In the box, once emptied, you can keep many objects at home, giving it a new life in perfect zero waste style.